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Gold Digger Issue 223


2015-06-25 04:24:41

En route to explore the heart of the giant, semi-living, mobile construct known as the Dwarven Labyrinth, Gina and Britanny get sidetracked when Brit' thinks she spots a giant tuna. It turns out the fish is ready to bite--their heads off, that is! more

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Store Additions--June 25, 2015

2015-06-25 04:29:56

Summer weather may be getting to you, but we've got a double-shot of cool reading and a triple-threat of warm-weather wear to beat the heat (if not the humidity)!
Gina and Britanny find their dungeon crawl extra-complicated when Brit's appetite for seafood nearly gets them turned into fish food! If they're not careful, the fish just might school THEM in read more

Store Additions--May 20, 2015

2015-05-20 13:58:46

Temperatures continue to rise as May progresses, but we've got some ice-GOLD refreshment for your mind!
Having abandoned the kingdom that fears her, Princess Emma finds a place where she can use her ice powers freely, even as her sister, Gianna, travels through ever more frigid climes to bring her back. They will both face the cold truth of treachery within their government in more

Store Additions--May 7, 2015

2015-05-08 01:50:28

May bursts into full bloom with a lovely bouquet of Gold Digger!
Draconic villain Dreadwing's making a move with along with two of his top minions. His royal daughter Debra calls upon a top-flight team to thwart him, only for a third group to show--led by the vengeance-bound ex-Weaponsmaster G'nolga! It's a three-way fray of magic and melee in read more

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