Heather:An outgoing, sincere girl, Heather's difficult childhood has made her self-reliant and dependable. She lost her father six years ago and must help her mother care for her younger brother, who is stricken with M.S. Her grades don't truly reflect her abilities, since she must divide her time between studies and family.

Ashley:A wealthy, privileged girl, Ashley asserts her independence by working while attending school. However, she doesn't hesitate to use her family's wealth when it suits her needs. Ashley's a taker, but she hasn't realized her profound sense of unhappiness stems from always getting what she wants.

Naomi:A fantastic athlete, Naomi's volleyball skills have earned her a scholarship and a chance to escape her poor surroundings. Naomi doesn't make friends easily, but when she does, she stands by them. The temptations of college life are threatening to derail her scholarship and send her home. She has an irrational fear of success that has begun to fuel her own failure.

Winona:A sharp, introspective girl. She possesses a brilliant and a dry wit, but has a hopeless romantic streak that sometimes short-circuits her reason. She finds the darker side of human nature fascinating, but cannot articulate this to others without coming off as "creepy." An author of 500 awful poems.

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