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Store Additions--February 3, 2016

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Store Additions--February 3, 2016
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February's just begun, and you can already feel the love in a trio of terrific titles heading your way!
Revel in a scintillating array of saucy steampunk sirens, serial fiction, reviews, interviews and more in the long-awaited Gearhearts #12, helmed by Patricia Ash and Kimi Bost!
Bounty hunters Blaze and Gruffyd are hired by a group of mighty space-vikings for a mission of mercy, but the Shogunate is ready to bring the hammer down on them to reacquire Mortimer the bunny in Immortal Wings #2 by Carlo San Juan and Rod Espinosa!
And Dreadwing, Serpentus and Dark Bird discover that when you try to demolish a race of feisty peanut farmers who love their fermented-peanut ale, you might get the Nut Punch when you least expect it in Gold Digger #229 by Fred Perry!

Store Additions--January 27, 2015
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It's been an eventful first month of the year, but whether you're digging out from the latest Snowmageddon (and we send you our best wishes if you are) or wearing short sleeves and wondering what happened, we've got some super stuff to wind up your January!
Set off on a cosmic bounty-hunting adventure full of savagery, super-science, and sorcery--and one scared rabbit--in Immortal Wings #1 by Carlo San Juan and Rod Espinosa!
The steamier, seamier side of hunters for hire rockets into view yet again in a trio of tales from Ben Dunn, David Hutchison, Chris Allen and Alfred Perez in Steam Wars: Bounty Hunters #2!
And you can dodge the bounty hunters and bring home the precious treasure of a Major League Raider T-shirt. It belongs in a museum your wardrobe, so choose wisely from six sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

Store Additions--January 6, 2015
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Happy New Year! Our resolution for 2016 is to keep bringing you awesome reading material and apparel, and we're sticking to it starting right now!
It's no mystery why the Sherlock Holmes: Steam Detective TPB by Robby Bevard and David Hutchison is a dashing good read. Kick things off with this clever collection of conundrums confronted and cracked by Londinium's own steampunk sleuth!
Gina Diggers has her own puzzle to solve: a curious relic under one of the Jade's ziggurats. But the after-effects of an enemy's curse put her mind on her companion Monty's abruptly distracting derriere! Will she get to the bottom of the mystery, or to the mystery of Monty's bottom Find out in Gold Digger #228, by Fred Perry!
And if you're looking to spruce up your shirt selection, we just might kill you with the cuteness of the Ewoking Dead T-shirt! Available in LIMITED QUANTITIES in one of six horri-dorable sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

Store Additions--December 18, 2015
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Whatever your weather, winter's officially just around the corner here in the northern half of the world, but we've got some holiday fun and adventure to warm your heart and fire your imagination!
At a special time of year, Captain Hansel Lowe and his ursine engineer Smokey find Smokey's home reservation under threat from a slaver armada and must save the holiday from the Hegemony in the Steam Wars Holiday Special by Fred Perry!
Fred's friends and fans give him (and you) a gift of a whole holiday issue, Gold Digger Xmas Special #9.
Fred's fans bring us their own collection of personal takes on his cherished cast of characters in Gold Digger Annual #19. But Fred's not done handing out holiday goodies yet: Gina and her allies struggle valiantly against the Umbra's invading armies, but with their own dark doubles leading those forces, their greatest hope is fishy at best in Gold Digger #227!






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