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Pre-Christmas Sale!
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Holiday shopping's starting ever sooner and getting ever more hectic, so we're going give you some early Xmas deals without requiring you to face traffic! All this weekend, from December 12 - 14, U.S. Central Standard Time, get a thrift-tastic 25% off everything in the store! Whether or not your Christmas is white, we save you a little green so your budget won't go in the red!

Store Additions--December 5, 2014
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A fine blend of holiday chills and cheer comes to you this week!
The depths of the ocean cannot drown the truly determined--or the truly cursed--in Zombie Fairy Tales: Undead the Sea #1, by David Hutchison and Zechary Gray! And Fred Perry deliver another stocking-full of holiday fun in Gold Digger X-mas Special #8! And Penny has a chance to learn what makes Dark Bird's super-plane tick, but can she do it before the clock runs out? Catch Gold Digger #216 and see!

Store Additions--November 14, 2014
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The Polar Vortex has blasted us with early winter chill, but our reading and apparel will warm your spirits!
Video game ex-villain 'Zilla's extra lives may not survive a surge shambling sprites in 8-Bit Zombie: The Full Byte TPB, by Fred Perry, David Hutchison, and Zechary Gray! Fred and friends also bring you the latest super short stories, pin-ups and more of the GD crew in Gold Digger Annual #18! And Penny has a chance to learn what makes Dark Bird's super-plane tick, but can she do it before the clock runs out? Catch Gold Digger #216 and see! And while it may not be not be safe to into the water, but it's perfectly safe (and fun) to wear our JAWaS T-shirt. It's available in all bite sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

Store Additions--October 25, 2014
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We've got a double dose each of fall finery and thrilling reading for this fine autumn update!
Delight in the derring-do of a dynamic distaff duo as they fly in the face of Martian invaders in Victorian Secret: Steam Queens #1,by Brian Denham! Meanwhile, Ace and Penny have been shot out of the sky by Dark Bird and must survive deep-down danger in Gold Digger #215, by Fred Perry! While seeking suitable reading attire, beware the Dark Side...or be wearing the Dark Side, with this deceptively understated Vader T-shirt. It offers you greatness in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL! Or if you're feeling old-school adventurous, summon a Pen & Paper Gamer T-shirt, with no Armor Class roll necessary! You can gear up at levels M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL!

Store Additions--October 17, 2014
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As a mixed trick and treat, we've got some last lingering summer delights among this week's offerings!
The Gold Digger cast disport themselves in the sun, sand, and surf in the usual fashion in the Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #22, brought to you by Fred Perry and fans like you! Daring damsels from all manner of plucky professions brave the heat of boiling climate and boiler engines in Victorian Secret Girls of Summer 2014, brought to you by Rod Espinosa and Robby Bevard! And if those don't get your attention then ten-hut and snap to, soldier! Some real American heroines are fighting wherever there's trouble in G.I. Jane #1, by Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, Robby Bevard and Brian Denham!

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