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Store Additions--May 20, 2016

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Store Additions--May 20, 2016
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More massing of May marvels for you this week!
Dare to adventure against the darker side of humanity and the infinitely darker horrors it might summon in Steam Lore #1 by Chris Allen. Good thing it's only a story...or is it?
And for some funnier, fuzzier fights of fancy (no, that's not a typo), our litter of Ultracat #1, by Jose Fonollosa, has arrived!

Store Additions--May 13, 2016
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A second round of items for this month, if we May...
Wait no more for the continuing misadventures of the ninja ninny: Blade Bunny #2, by Eric Kimball and Erwin, has hopped to our doorstop and can now come to yours!
And a lone nobleman fights for his life in the arid wastelands, hunted by an implacable Imperial walker machine in Steam Wars: First Empire #3, by Joe Wight!

Store Additions--May 06, 2016
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We make the month of May merrier with fun reading and clothing!
Hot on the heels of the previous Gold Digger issue comes the next, brought to you by miracle man Fred Perry! On a visit to Jade-Realm, Britanny and Dr. Diggers learn that to fend off an alien invader, Brianna's gone green--and the green's gone Brianna--in Gold Digger #232!
Our shirts this month boast some impressive firepower too. Destroy all inferior T-shirts and rule the fashion universe with a Major League Exterminator T-shirt, available in six Dalek-table sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL!

Store Additions--April 29, 2016
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We've got one last April shower of goodies before the month closes out, plus a little forecast of things to come!
With his partner Blaze a prisoner of the Galactic Shogunate, Gruffyd the dragon sets out to save her alone. Thankfully, he's not really alone, whether he likes it or not. The all-out showdown goes down in Immortal Wings #4 by Carlo San Juan and Rod Espinosa!
Meanwhile, a smaller (but still intense) showdown is on in the U.F.F. wrestling ring. When a couple of "frustrated" Ooshoosh giantesses decide use the match to blow off steam (and maybe find some worthy mates), poor Ryan will know exactly what hit him in Gold Digger #231 by Fred Perry!
Numbskull ninja Bunny has killed her target, but now has to run like a rabbit from avenging assassin Wolf Fang in Blade Bunny #3 by Eric Kimball and Erwin, now up for preorder!
And forceful feline Ultracat's ultra-patience is tested by a would-be canine sidekick and a budding romance between his owner and his worst enemy's owner in Ultracat #2 by Josť Fonollosa!

Store Additions--March 30, 2016
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Easter's just jumped past us, but no April Foolin', there's a better bimbo bunny bouncing your way!
The Hare: a ninja assassin whispered about with fear in the darkest corners, a killer known for ruthlessness and not in this comic. Meet Bunny, a pretty ninja girl who likes rainbows, dancing, and eviscerating bad people when they blink. Hmm...maybe this comic is about The Hare after all.
Initially available as a preorder, Blade Bunny #1 by Eric Kimball and Erwin, is now in stock and ready to leap onto shelves or into your mailbox!

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