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Store Additions—April 18, 2014

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Store Additions—April 18, 2014
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This week, we bring you the once-impossible made possible!
Years ago, the original Gold Brick III by Fred Perry sold out, and we thought its like could never be made available again. One amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign later, we were gladly proven wrong, thanks to our amazing readers/supporters!
Now, revel again (or for the first time) in the earliest full-color adventures of the Diggers sisters and their friends, family and enemies with the Gold Brick III Reminted Edition! While you're reveling, check out the campaign for reminting Gold Brick IV Reminted Edition!

Store Additions—April 4, 2014
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A double-shot of steam for your morning wake-up this week!
Our steampunk stalwarts bring you another bevy of beauteous Brass Belles, plus interviews with the musically talented Clockwork Dolls and the upstanding and charitable Sky Marshals. All this and more await in Gearhearts #10, brought to you by Patricia Ash and Kim Bost!
Meanwhile, in the 1960s, Sirhan Sirhan's meeting with a shadowy figure is disrupted by Marilyn Monroe and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., forcing him to flee them and their commander…Time Lincoln. It's all part of a determined "Man"hunt by the Travelers in Time Lincoln Continental by Fred Perry!

Store Additions—March 14, 2014
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Dual flagship titles fly proudly in the March winds!
An ancient menace has come to Earth, and Anna Feeple awakes to a nightmare assaulting the town of Quagmire, USA. She and Professor Steamhead are the town's only hope, and even they might not be enough! A launch point for a new series direction from series creator Ben Dunn, and co-writer Steve Ross in Ninja High School #176! And when Tifanny trips a deadly trap in Civ Alpha, she learns there's more to Ayane than super-scary eyes in Gold Digger #209 by Fred Perry!

Store Additions—February 28, 2014
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As February departs and March roars in, we've got a spooky storm striking!
Detective Tom Fraley has finally located his killer…just in time to see him become a powerful, murderous spirit in Ghost Cop #3 by VJ Boyd, Justin Boyd, and Christian DiBari. The digital undead invade home consoles with a new 16-bit resolution: "Kill everything in sight", in 16-Bit Zombie by Fred Perry and David Hutchison! For more old-fashioned zombie gaming, score the Ultimate Zombie Deck playing cards, with art by Brian Denham. And true connoisseurs will want the Zombie Deck uncut sheets, both in regular and signed editions!

Store Additions—February 21, 2014
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A double-barreled blast of action and fun for February!
When lupine marauders wreak havoc and distress on the local citizenry, help is at hand! A courageous, crimson-cloaked lass and her gutsy grandma co-pilot an ironclad, steam-powered tank-wagon to show those big, bad wolves what for in Steampunk Red Riding Hood by Rod Espinosa! Meanwhile, Britanny and a couple of new allies must travel into orbit (with Gina aiding from Earthside) to pursue the heir to Ex-Mortis, who's out to hijack Fortress Kia's systems for his own mad-science aims! Will he turn too much tech against them for them to turn the tide against him? Find out in Gold Digger #208 by Fred Perry!

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