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Store Additions—September 19, 2014

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Store Additions—September 19, 2014
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It's been a busy back-to-school period for us, with Alamo City Comic Con right around the corner, but we're still here for you!
Another glorious compendium of steampunk sweethearts, interviews, serial fiction and more awaits you in Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue #11, helmed by Patricia Ash and Kimi Bost! Ace and Penny's Italy trip sours when they find Dark Bird and running airport security in Gold Digger #213 by Fred Perry! See more of the fantastic females of the GD-verse in the Women of Gold Digger Summer Vacation Special! And blow us down, here's a fistful of tales of the strongest Sailor Scout to sail the Seven Seas! It's Momeye #1, also by Fred Perry!

Store Additions—August 16, 2014
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While we recover from last month's convention triple-play and gear up for Alamo City Comic Con next month, have a double-dose of awesome!
Just married, Ace and Penny have barely settled in on a private island getaway, but with an excitable newbie explorer stirring up danger from the deeps nearby, the honeymoon may be over in Gold Digger #213 by Fred Perry!
And if you missed out on any of the Last Zombie epic, now you can get the entire 25-issue story in one tombstone tome! Get that summer workout by hefting yourself a copy of the Last Zombie Zomnibus by Brian Keene, with art by Joe Wight, Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, David Hutchison, Brian Denham and Chris Allen!

Store Additions—July 23, 2014
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As we head off to sunny San Diego for Comic-Con International 2014 (Booth #2307— swing on by if you're there!), we leave you with a surge of steam-powered stories and a concert shirt with real star power!
Relive that time you held up your light saber and shouted "Freedroid!" with an R2/D2 Tour T-shirt. Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double-Extra Large, and Triple-Extra Large, this IS the shirt you're looking for!
Once you're dressed for success, revel in a trio of tales from Rod Espinosa: Snow White, Cinderella, and Red Riding Hood. Stoke your boilers for the Steampunk Fairy Tales TPB!
Even if you can't join us in SoCal, you can still share in the fun by getting 10% off everything in the store until our return on July 28 (U.S. Central Time)!

Store Additions—July 11, 2014
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July kicks off with a lucky couple hearing wedding bells and a mech-merc wreaking havoc.
Share a skewed sense of reality with the mouthiest mentally unstable mecha of all by getting a classy Carpool T-shirt. They're available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double-Extra Large, and Triple-Extra Large, one for each of the voices in his head!
And Gina's ex-rival Penny is determined to make her fiancé, "Ace" Koss, to do what a man's got to do and say, "I do"! Gina's willing to lend a high-tech hand, but can Penny get him to the church on time in space-time? Find out in Gold Digger #212 by Fred Perry!

Store Additions—June 27, 2014
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If the weather weren't hot enough already, we've got a double-shot of steam for you this week!
Delightful damsels strut their steampunk splendor in an exhibition of illustrated exquisiteness entitled Victorian Secret: Steampunk Angels 2014, with contributions by Fred Perry, Joe Wight, David Hutchison and more!
Meanwhile, Duchess Imoen and her stalwart group face certain doom at the hands of Lord Baron and the Hegemonic Crux. If Baron's son Bo, last of the Quantum Dragoons, cannot free his friends, the Crux's "Death Blimp" will eradicate the rebellion forever! Fred Perry's steam-powered sci-fi/space opera makes a light-speed jump to its climax in Steam Wars #5!

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