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Killbox Primer Issue 1
No Image By:Brian Denham

"Killbox" is the military term for enemy territory that is target-rich. Deadly force is authorized for anything that moves inside "the box." Marine Corps tank commander Lalone leads his men into the heart of battle to deliver humanitarian supplies. When the enemy advances, his escape route is cut off. Trapped behind enemy lines and inside the killbox, the tankers must face off against brutal warlords, warring factions, snipers and wily female missionaries sabotaging their every move. Can this tank crew survive their first foray into the KILLBOX, the most dangerous place on Earth? Packed with sketches, interviews, photos, and a full-length story, this preview book takes you behind the scenes of the making of this exciting new series. Comics creator Brian Denham (Evil Ernie, Warrior Nun, Violator vs. Badrock) delivers a tour-de-force of explosive military action. For fans of Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, Full Metal Jacket or Platoon, this is a must-have. Alternate cover by Joseph Wight (Twilight X, Star Wars: The Manga, Gen13).

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