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Gold Digger Pocket Manga Vol 8
No Image By:Fred Perry

SPECIAL OVERSIZED ISSUE! Collects Gold Digger Vol. 2 #32-35 and Ninja High School #54-57!
Time-traveling dog genius Dr. Alfred Peachbody, out for revenge at having his earlier plans of a Caninekind-ruled future foiled, journeys to ancient pre-Egypt to commandeer the Sphinx and its time-twisting technology. A valiant band of heroes from the casts of both Gold Digger and Ninja High School try to stop him, but this dog won't roll over and play dead without a fight! He uses the Sphinx's systems scatter them across time in small groups, all in eras where he is sure they'll meet their doom!
This bonus-sized volume contains ALL EIGHT ISSUES of the "Time Warp" crossover saga, so reading this grand adventure will be even more time well spent!

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