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Twilight X: War TPB Vol. 1
No Image By:Joseph Wight

Collects Twilight X: War #1-7
Nearly fifteen years in the making, Joseph Wight's phenomenal saga reaches its explosive crescendo!
The Neo-Nazi forces and the last remnants of Old America's military clash over a small island in the Caribbean, all under the impact of Nature's fury in the form of a tremendous hurricane. Ex-Special Forces soldier Jed Saxon and his small band of allies struggle to get out alive while helping scout and sabotage the Neo-Nazis' operation, even as they are threatened by the powerful technology of the mysterious group known as Elysium. Even the powerful bonds of friendship and love among them may not be enough to survive the last battle of World War Three.
224 pages of gorgeous, cinematic art with exceptionally detailed gear and weapons! See why they call Joseph White "the Tom Clancy of comics!"

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