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NHS Hawaii Pocket Manga Vol. 2
No Image By:Robby Bevard & Katie Bair

Collects NHS #107-111
Teenage girl ninja Yumei came to Hawaii to escape the craziness of her ninja lifestyle, only to end up being assaulted by a blind ninja samurai, an overtalkative class bully, and an obnoxious, buxom wrestler. Yumei thinks that things will calm down now that she's found a boyfriend who might just be the son of a Norse god. Naturally, her problems are only about to get worse. Now she has to deal with plagues of mongooses, kung-fu janitors, the return of her revenge-crazed, mecha-building brother, psychotic waitresses, and being stuck in a school production of Romeo and Juliet with the guy she hates most in the world!

Copyright 1987-2005 Antarctic Press.