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GD Max Pocket Manga
No Image By:Fred Perry

Celebrating 15 years of GD!
Antarctic rounds out the GD Pocket Manga series with this collection of specials and one-shots! Enjoy Gina and Britanny's first crossovers with the Quagmire crew from Antarctic's other flagship title, Ninja High School! First, it's Asrial vs. Cheetah in a race to find a mysterious signal beacon located near the legendary Fountain of Youth. Then it's a wild mix of alien invaders, sentai heroes, wacky inventions and a sorcerous Elvis impersonator, all colliding in A Science Affair. Relive Gina's first encounters with the mysterious Beta-Phantoms in the Gold Digger Beta one-shot, as well as Gina and Brit's childhood adventures from the GD Minus 18 special!

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