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NHS Hawaii Pocket Manga Vol. 5
No Image By:Robby Bevard & Katie Bair

Collects NHS #122-126
Teenage ninja girl Yumei has gotten used to surviving havoc in Hawaii. On a daily basis, she has to cope with a blind ninja samurai, an overly talkative bully, an overbearing, buxom wrestler, and the mischievous daughter of a Norse god. Ex-bully Michael finally works up the nerve to ask Yumei to the prom, but on the porch of her house, he sees ninja-samurai Yoji being stabbed with a poisoned knife! The assailant demands that Yumei come face her in Kyoto within two days, or Yoji dies! It all comes to a thunderous conclusion for the entire cast in the bonus-sized final volume of NHS: Hawaii!

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