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How to Draw Pirates
No Image By:Acosta, Dunn, Perry, Espinosa, et al.

Avast, ye scurvy scribes! There be a new addition to Antarctic Press's best-selling how-to series spotted off the port bow!
Antarctic Press's long-running and series of highly varied how-to art instructional guides adds to its arsenal of fun and useful lessons with How to Draw Pirates! Get on board with A.P.'s captains of creativity, like Ben Dunn, Craig Babiar, Fred Perry, Rod Espinosa, and David Hutchison, with writer Robert Acosta at the helm! This treasure chest of precious instructions will give artists their sea legs in no time for drawing swashbucklers, swabs, buccaneers, privateers, and even a pirate or two! Learn all the elements of the classic and modern pirate styles for the manly men AND comely lasses of the sea, from Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, from Sinbad to One Piece!

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