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GD Tifanny and Charlotte Iss 4
No Image By:Fred Perry & J.L. Anderson

Gold Digger creator Fred Perry and rapidly rising fan-fave artist J.L. Anderson are about to school you in what the next generation of GD is all about!
Tifanny and Pojo get to reminisce about their long, happy life togetherócourtesy of Charlotte's imagination! On the bus ride home, her two captive, squirming listeners get to hear about how they will fall in love, from going on their first date to getting married to having their first child, "Charlotte, Jr.", then lots more babies, all with pretty, pink hair and smelling of a thousand fruit pie flavors! The thought of their potential future together leaves them speechlessóor maybe it's because that chem-lab accident a few hours ago left them temporarily voiceless, unable to protest...

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