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Gold Digger Vol 2 Issue 100
No Image By:Fred Perry

17 years, 50 black and white issues, 100 color man. Fred Perry hits another comic book milestone! He joins the ranks of a rare few who can lay claim to creating and single-handedly producing 100+ issues of their own seriesówriting drawing, inking, lettering, AND coloring. And he's done it all while maintaining the highest quality and garnering one of the most loyal fanbases a creator could ask for. Witness comic book history as Fred delivers a special, oversized issue to celebrate the occasion!
The culmination of over thirty issues of adventures, issue 100 is a giant-sized finale to end all finales! Gina, Brit' and Crescens have at last found a way home from quasi-space. All that's standing in their way is an armada of nine thousand Dynasty soldiers, ships and titanic living artillery pieces! With Britanny sent down for the count, Gina's super-robot torn to pieces and Crescens paralyzed, all seems lost. However, there's one final, fatal card to play...
As issue 100 brings to a close the saga of Britanny's trek across the planes, it opens up a new chapter in GD, creating the perfect jumping-on point with issue 101, which begins a whole new chapter in the Gold Digger universe!

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