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Yeti vs Vampire Issue 1
No Image By:Miles Gunter & Kelsey Shannon

From the twisted creative minds that brought you Bastard SamuraiMiles Gunter (NYC Mech, Zombee, Weird War Tales) and Kelsey Shannon (Invincible, X-Men: Unlimited, Batman Adventures)—come brain-eating steroid monks; psycho werewolf punks; severed, screaming heads on fire; point-blank napalm strikes—and that's just the first 12 pages!
A team of explorers journey to the highest reaches of the Himalayas, where humans cannot survive. There they find an ancient doorway guarded by monks whose sole purpose is to keep what lies beyond from the eyes of Man, for beyond the doorway dwell creatures more powerful than any other on Earth. But these are no ordinary explorers. In fact, they aren't even men. And so the fury begins! Get ready for breakneck horror action like you've never seen before! Get ready for Yeti vs. Vampire!

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