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Gold Digger Vol 2 Issue 101
No Image By:Fred Perry

New look! New beginning! New characters! New adventures! Everything is ALL-NEW starting with this issue! If you've ever thought about reading Gold Digger, this is the jumping-on point you've been waiting for! The next hundred issues start here!!!

A wonder of the ancient world is discovered in the Sonoran Desert of Baja California—an entire city, buried and chained to the very bedrock of the desert's floor, straining eternally to return to the skies it once called home! Professor Gina Diggers (archaeologist/super-scientist/adventurer) is all too delighted to share this discovery with her students from Georgia State University. It means an expedition of extraordinary magnitude, and all on a scholarship's dime…or at least that's what Elroy and Kylie, two of Professor Diggers's brightest and most adventurous students believe when they agree to come along on the dig. When the twin thrill-seekers get spirited down into the chained citadel and encounter its dark defenses, it's up to Professor Diggers to keep them from being trapped below the earth forever. Gina's little sister Britanny, a were-cheetah, might even the odds—if she and Gina can make their way two miles straight down in time!

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