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Gold Digger Vol 2 Issue 102
No Image By:Fred Perry

The new-reader-friendly direction of Gold Digger continues!
The ancient world of fortress cities, hidden deep within the Earth, is unveiled for the first time in thousands of years. Pilot supreme "Ace" Koss brings in two of Gina's new students, Alena and V'ayt, to the dig site for the buried city of T'uala, only to find an outlying citadel near T'uala has abruptly resurfaced. The citadel was buried in the middle of an assault, and its weapons are still active, firing at targets acquired centuries ago—but now Ace's plane is in the line of fire! Can Alena and V'ayt avoid the fortress's weapons of magical light long enough for Gina to get back?
If you haven't read Gold Digger yet, this is the perfect chance to get on board!

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