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Demon Cleaner Issue 3
No Image By:Miles Gunter & Victor Santos

Miles Gunter (Bastard Samurai, B.P.R.D., Yeti vs. Vampire) and Victor Santos (Los Reyes Elfos (The Elf Kings), Filthy Rich) join forces in creating a thrilling, FULL-COLOR story of supernatural action!
Demon Cleaner faces off against his final and deadliest target: a siren priestess of Hell worshiped like a god by millions of condemned fiends. The creature's beauty makes Angelina Jolie look like the Elephant Man, and her mind is so wicked it'd make Charles Manson curl up in the fetal position. Can Demon Cleaner stop her from transforming our world into a blood orgy of doom?
Note: Antarctic Press is NOT legally responsible if your hair turns white from the intensity.

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