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Fire and Brimstone TPB 1
No Image By:Richard Moore

Collects Fire and Brimstone #1-5
Antarctic Press proudly presents a collected edition of the first FULL-COLOR work for them by Richard Moore, the celebrated creator of Far West and Boneyard!
Heaven or Hell—let's rock! Richard Moore brings us inspiration divine and...not so divine with the tale of Fire and Brimstone, a fallen angel and a (slightly) risen demoness. They're half good, half evil, and all trouble! 5000 years ago, they accidentally set free some of the worst demons and fallen angels imprisoned in Hell, ticking off both their bosses. Ever since, they've been paired up to atone by recapturing the beings they set free. Of course, not everyone in the Underworld is happy with the occult odd couple's work. Can two immortals from opposite sides of the fence survive the deity-slaying forces out to stop them without driving each other crazy?
See one more reason why Moore has been acclaimed by the likes of Newsarama, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Comic Buyer's Guide,,, and many more!

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