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GD Tifanny & Charlotte 2nd Semester 1
No Image By:Fred Perry & J.L. Anderson

Issue 1 of 4
By popular demand, it's the triumphant return of Gold Digger's own Odd Couple: seven-year-old genius Tifanny 'Gia—half were-cheetah and half alien Kryn—and her bestest buddy, Charlotte Pincer—full-grown, genetically designed harpy with the mind of young teen. They're back in class at A.P.S.-001, the school for super-beings and super-brains, where more super-weirdness and super-fun are filling the curriculum!
Tifanny's efforts to stuff the Student Activities suggestion box with requests for a talent show have finally paid off! Charlotte signs up both of them and their werewolf friend Pojo for the competition, and the eager trio starts practicng. (Well, Pojo's kinda reluctant, but he'll come around). Then Tifanny learns that the event is actually a "Battle Talent Show", a martial arts fighting competition, and poor Charlotte's entered their combat style as "Ballet"!

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