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Gold Digger Annual #20

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Blade Bunny Vol.2 #3

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Store Additions--May 20, 2016

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Maidens of Twilight Pocket Manga
No Image By:Anderson, Bevard, Perry

Collects Maidens of Twilight #1-4
The first crossover between Gold Digger and Ninja High School in seven years, an epic mini-series from the same talents that brought you Gold Digger: Tifanny and Charlotte, is now collected in one volume!
Spirit seer and archmage-in-training Seance and his Rakshasa girlfriend Genn are on what's supposed to be a peaceful beach vacation in the mystic realm of Jade. Instead, they find themselves assaulted by a pair of dangerous criminals and a trio of overeager bounty hunters. Caught up in a hunt for ex-Grim Reaper Dawn Brown and teenage assassin-turned-waitress Suzume Satsujin, they must figure out who to fight and how before the situation proves fatal!

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