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Chicken Fighter Vol. 1
No Image By:Jey Odin

Why did the chicken cross the street fighter? To see if he could pullet off!
For 24-year-old Johnny Mo, life is going pretty smooth. Great job at the Paper Clip Factory—check. Smoking hot girlfriend—check. Able to defeat every giant, mutant chicken in town in a "cool points" contest—check…wait, what?!!
That’s right, folks. Giant, popped-collared, necktie-wearing mutant chickens, led by the mysterious Clucky, rule the streets of his hometown. So when Johnny finds out his lady love is pregnant, he does what any good father with the power to summon giant kitchen utensil-weapons would do: BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF SOME CHICKENS. But is our hero truly cool enough to defeat every chicken in town, or is it all just some kind of fluke? Find out in this comedy action-adventure from rising star Jey Odin!

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