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Store Additions--March 20, 2006
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We've got a real treasure-box of titles for you this week!

In the regular issues sections, we have Gold Digger #72 and GD #73! Laugh at leprechaun antics, cry at Grammy Brigand's funeral, and thrill to the discoveries of the history behind Dreadwing and Peachbody!

On the Pocket Manga front, we've got three additions:

Gigantor Pocket Manga Vol. 1--The classic anime series gets a new twist from Ben Dunn, Ted Nomura and David Hutchison!
Gold Digger Pocket Manga Vol. 7--Dr. and Mrs. Diggers have to help Theo's mentor Gneiss, while Gina and Brit first face icy terror in the Arctic, then the icier terror of being broke!
NHS Hawaii Pocket Manga. Vol. 1--Yumei Katana's move to Hawaii is proving to be no vacation!

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