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Store Additions--April 26, 2006
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We're closing out April with a few early May flowers, folks.

Alice finds Wonderland less and less wonderful as she's threatened with death for a crime she didn't commit. Watch it all come down in Rod Espinosa's New Alice in Wonderland #4! Then it's time for some sand, surf and silliness in Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #11! And in Gold Digger #75, as Brod and his rescue team continue their raid on the Retreat, Gina and Brianna learn the full origins of Dreadwing! This special anniversary issue is available in two wraparound cover variants: Heroes and Villains. These two covers fit together to make one gorgeous, GD star-filled panorama!

Get your sunscreen and kevlar ready and sit yourself down for some pre-summer fun!

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