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Store Additions--May 17, 2006
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We've got a core-title cornucopia for you this week! (Well, Throne of Shadows is a core title spin-off...but still!)

It's three were-rats against the underworld in the first issue of Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows, brought to you by the titanic team-up of Fred Perry and Craig Babiar! Then it's off to a secret island for a frenzied fiesta of smooth moves, slick tricks and bad poetry in Ninja High School #138, brought to you by Ben Dunn and Robby Bevard. Conflict in the Caribbean nears its cataclysmic climax in Joe Wight's Twilight X: War #6. And last but definitely not least, an explosive assault on the Vatican heralds the return of Antarctic's best-selling title in Warrior Nun: Lazarus #0, brought to you by triple threat of Lee Duhig, David Hutchison, and Ben Dunn!

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