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Store Additions--November 9, 2007
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A.P.'s serving up a feast of fine reading that'll leave you thoroughly thankful this November—and without having to count calories!
Dreadwing dishes out the pain to Gina's expedition party while a kobold queen pushes Brianna's feud with her father past the limit in Gold Digger #90 by Fred Perry! Savor that entree with a heaping side dish of character info, stats and more in Gold Digger Sourcebook #11! Then try a little fusion cuisine when three cultures clash in Pirates vs. Ninjas II: Up the Ante #5, with art by David Hutchison and story by Fred Perry, Robby Bevard, and Joe Wight! (Just mind the knives.) Then grab yourself a serving to go for Sky Sharks #4 by Wes Hartman and Fred Perry, with the Sharks having to confront a new doomsday weapon that even the united navies of the world can't beat!

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