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Summer's almost here, but we've got a couple more lessons for you before finals!
Suzume the assassin's making the most of her death-related talents by helping her new friend, Dawn the grim reaper, battle the malevolent Joyless. But fighting demonic forces is no excuse for being late to Professor Feeple's Steamology class, especially when he's announcing the return of HIS teacher... Professor Steamhead! Can Suzume find a normal life? Will she be STEAM? Find out in Ninja High School #160 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! And after a lesson in ninjas, it's time for a lesson in pirates! Swashbuckling scribe Robert Acosta and a full crew of your favorite A.P. artists prepare to fire a salvo of lessons for all you landlubbers out there with How to Draw Pirates! Learn about crew members, ships, primary props and more! It's enough to make your Jolly Roger even jollier!

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