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Store Additions--February 13, 2009
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It's your lucky Friday the thirteenth, with a double dose of fantasy adventure bringing early Valentine's Day love from A.P. to you!
Ricky Feeple has been reunited with his long-lost father (and his brand new sister!), but must still face grim consequences regarding his mother. See how the ties of family love can bind in Ninja High School #167 by Robby Bevard and Ben Dunn! Meanwhile, in the land of Oz, Glinda has found a way she can legitimately challenge Queen Jinjur's rule: records of a lost heir! Mombi may know where the princess vanished, but to confront her, first our heroes have to find her, and they've only got a day to do it! The race against time and magic unfolds in Land of Oz: The Manga - Return to the Emerald City #3 by David Hutchison!

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