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Store Additions--February 27, 2009
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Saddle up and stake your claim on your favorite readin' spot, pardner, 'cause there's big things a-comin' from the Antarctic!
Antarctic Press is proud to present the first all-new Far West tale in a dog's age! (In this case, that's nearly a decade!) Fast-tempered and foul-mouthed ace bounty hunter Ra'Meghan "Meg" Val'Norium is back along with her partner, Phil the talking bear, who continues to help her catch bounties and survive her own (not-so-)occasionally poor judgment. Now they're on the trail of a terrible trickster who's led them into the cheerily named Deadlands. Can they survive their own worst fears long enough to catch him? Find out in Far West: Bad Mojo #1 by Richard Moore!

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