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Store Additions--April 3, 2009
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Antarctic's got another great issue to start off this April, no foolin'!
Rakshasa Genn and aura-mage Seance's romantic getaway for two on Jade has been wrecked by a trio of bounty hunters who mistook them for criminals and captured Genn. They also snagged teen assassin-turned-waitress Suzume. Seance and Suzume's best friend, ex-Grim Reaper Dawn, caught up, but only to face the real criminals and their vicious pet monsters! With Dawn badly hurt and Seance poisoned, will Genn and Suzume be able to save their friends...and the bounty hunters? Find out in Gold Digger/Ninja High School: Maidens of Twilight #3 by Fred Perry, Robby Bevard and J.L. Anderson!

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