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Store Additions--June 12, 2009
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Temperatures keep rising in the June heat, and we like to think the latest batch of A.P. books has something to do with it!
A group of teens find themselves facing doom in a haunted library, thanks to a vengeful spirit...or maybe one of their own Bad Kids Go to Hell #1 by Matt Spradlin, Barry Wernick and Anthony Vargas! Across the universe, Ronen must help defend his spaceship from invading pirates in Prince of Heroes Chapter II #4 by Rod Espinosa! From outer space we move underground, as Gina brings her niece Tifanny's class on a field trip to Civ-Alpha in Gold Digger #108 by Fred Perry! But you don't need a field trip to learn more about technology used by Gina or the Dynasty, thanks to Gold Digger Tech Manual #5! Back home, Peebri and her mini-mecha cohorts pick the wrong ring for a role-playing prop in Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #5, also by Fred Perry!

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