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Signings, Specials & Store Additions--August 7, 2009
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Fire up the grill for one more barbecue and settle back with some more summer reading from Antarctic Press!
With their numbers dwindling from a vengeful spirit(?), the CrestView kids continue to wish they'd ducked detention in Bad Kids Go to Hell #3 by Matt Spradlin, Barry Wernick, and Anthony Vargas! Gina's students also face ancient vengeance, but they're better prepared for it (maybe) in Gold Digger #110 by Fred Perry! Learn more about Gina's inventions and even some Leprechaun technology in Gold Digger Tech Manual #7! For more high tech, get intriguing images and info on your favorite robots in disguise with the Cybertronian Pocket Manga, the collected unofficial Transformers® recognition guide by Doug Dlin and Harold Tietjens!

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