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Store Additions--September 25, 2009
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The scare tactics start early this year with A.P., but it's all in fun!
The bipartisan defense against a zombie invasion continues in President Evil 2: 100 Days Later by David Hutchison! Rod Espinosa lends his personal frightful flair to a classic American ghost story in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Tifanny suffers some monster problems keeping track of her best buddy in Gold Digger Tifanny & Charlotte: 2nd Semester #3 by Fred Perry and J.L. Anderson! School problems are a lot deadlier for the spoiled rich kids (and one bad-luck poor kid) in Bad Kids Go to Hell #4 by Matt Spradlin, Barry Wernick and Anthony Vargas! And the beast-men are battling it out in full color in the town of Moreau, otherwise known as The Pound #1 by Richard Moore!!

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