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Store Additions--August 6, 2010
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Start off August with a couple of scorching summer titles from A.P.!
Romp and rot on the beaches with the shambling, swimsuit-clad crowds! Crazy scientists prove their cures can be worse than diseases, zombies enjoy a little "brain freeze", and the Littlest Zombie learns to swim! Star A.P. artists like Fred Perry, David Hutchison, and Brian Denham give you a treat in the heat with A Very Zombie Summer! On Jade, Julia Diggers' rival G'nolga is still alive and in the clutches of an Orkrist warlord. G'nolga's sister seeks Julia's help, but Julia's students race off to the rescue first, unaware that any attempt to hurt their foe could kill the rest of his race instead! It's all in Gold Digger #120, by Fred Perry!

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