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Store Additions--December 10, 2010
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We've got a few early holiday gifts this week.
Preorder status for The Last Zombie #3 by Brian Keene and Joe Wight is over, so you can get your latest dose of zombie-fighting thrills without further wait! Preorder status is also closed for the regular edition of Gold Digger Platinum Vol. 1 by Fred Perry! Five issues of full-size, full-color GD goodness for you! And last but not least, holiday smiles aplenty await in Gold Digger Xmas Special #4 by Fred Perry and friends!
As another reminder, preorder status is still open for Gold Brick VI! Place your order by December 31, and get three 10-page portfolios as a special bonus! Printing is contingent on preorders, so do your part today! Uncle Fred wants get Gold Brick VI!

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