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Store Additions--February 18, 2011
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We've survived the winter storms to bring you more fun and adventure!
The battle continues in Gold Digger #126 by Fred Perry, as the diabolical Dreadwing smugly stymies Gina & Brit' (his archenemies), Tark & Mesha (his ex-slaves), Montgomery (his ex-partner), T'Mat (his ex-lover) AND Debra (his daughter). Even if they survive his sinister trap, they must still prevent him from achieving his true goal!
Speaking of reaching goals, a valiant young politician is out to get her dream job. First, though she has to fight her way through a series of super-powered opponents to win her true love—the White House. Is Sarah Palin Versus the World, by Ben Dunn, now off pre-order and available? You betcha!

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