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We've got hot items and big news for you this week, no foolin'!
There's a big to-do about a Governator project by some guys named Lee and Schwarzenegger, but remember, you found The Governator here first! And it's on sale all of April 1 only for 15% off, along with everything else in the store! Make the most of it by checking out our newest items: We've got a cavalcade of comeliness in brass, leather and lace with Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk—for mature, discerning adventurers only! And while Gina and Britanny are still prepping for a dragon hunt on Jade, Gina's class gets a lesson in draconic history from...Aljabra? Be ready to take some VERY interesting class notes when you get Gold Digger #128 by Fred Perry!

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