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Store AdditionsóJune 9, 2011
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Gobs of golden goodness coming your way this sultry week in June!
All Milo and his buddies want is to hang out at the local pub and enjoy themselves, like anyone else. Unfortunately, his buddies aren't like anyone else...they're Gobs. (Milo's only half-Goblin, but that's bad enough.) So what's a booze-hungry bunch of Gobs going to do when they're banned from the bar? Make their own! In a dead hill giant, no less! What could go wrong? Richard Moore gives you a few hints in the snidely hilarious Gobs #1!
And at long last, the wait is over: Gold Brick VI is in hand and off preorder status! Brace yourself for over 600 pages of full-color fabulosity by the amazing Fred Perry!

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