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Store Additions—August 4, 2011
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Battlin' 'bots and scowling ships of combat are the order of the week at Antarctic Press!
As the pirate-ninja Leprechauns' and Prince Lowtor's mini-giant mecha duke it out at the local wrestling arena, the Leprechaun Vaultron Team still aim to capture both their arch- enemies. But like many Pokémon trainers, they find it's never easy to catch 'em all in Gold Digger #131 by Fred Perry!
And in our apparel department, we've got a fleet of affronted avian warships ready to bring you victory in battle: our Angry Bird of Prey T-shirts, with art by Brian Denham! We rolled out these bad birds early for Comic-Con International, and they scored a direct hit. Now you can bolster your own wardrobe forces with them!

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