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Store Additions—Nov. 10, 2011
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Three big rounds of laughs, action and thrills from A.P. this week!
Left with no other option, Sergeant Warner takes Ian Scott and the rest of the team into the fire—literally. The crew plunge into the wildfire and pray they survive in Last Zombie: Inferno #5 by Brian Keene, Fred Perry, and Joe Wight!
Meanwhile, Milo and his fellow Gobs enjoy plunging into the ol' swimming hole (and ogling Heather's bikini)...until they finally see their pub has come to life and is stomping around in Gobs #3 by Richard Moore!
And Britanny, Stryyp, Ace and Penny have to plunge into deep space before back-up can arrive, or they risk missing a chance to save their friends from the Dynasty in Gold Digger #133 by Fred Perry!

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