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Store Additions—April 5, 2013
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We start April with a lovely shower of refreshing titles for you!
Lady Penelope Ayre and her team discover a danger to Queen Victoria, possibly from a traitor. It's soaring, steam-powered adventure in Victorian Secret Agents: Owls of the Ironwork Isle #1, by Stephen Phillips and Will Terrell! Things aren't smelling any sweeter for Gina's class as they face their midterm in a titan's armpit in Gold Digger #149, by Fred Perry! Ian Scott and the survivors of his group are captured by the last remnants of Chicago's underworld in The Last Zombie: The End #1, by Brian Keene and Chris Allen! And Norville and Reverend Mercer take what measures they can against the monster of the well in Crawling Sky #3, by Joe R. Lansdale, Keith Lansdale and Brian Denham!

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