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Store Additions—May 10, 2013
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Here to kick off May, we've got three awesome books. Both black-and-white and color—go on, take a look! They've got fairy folk, zombies and steampunk girls. Get a copy each, 'cause we want you to be a paperback reader!
A full-color extravaganza of our finest carefully culled steampunk femmes forms the Victorian Secret Collection TPB! Artist include Brian Denham, Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, and Rod Espinosa! The Nazi Zombies TPB, by Joe Wight and Ben Dunn, compiles the whole miniseries of special American forces desperately preventing a ressur-Reich-tion. And Gold Digger Platinum Vol. 5 by Fred Perry, includes a pro wrestler kidnapped by candy fairies and a pack of psi-kobolds out to gank a dragon. We dare you to classify it!

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