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Store Additions—July 5, 2013
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The Force is strong with us this week!
Show what an AT-AT Fink you are by gearing up in an AT-AT Driver Big Daddy Hoth T-shirt! This funky apparel (Street legal, honest!) is available to hot-rodders of all sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large and Double-Extra Large! Once you're all suited up, sit down for the sequel steam-fi spectacular, Steam Wars #2, by Fred Perry! With Duchess Imoen and Captain Lowe still missing, the other Resistance members find their hidden base under Hegemony assault! And for some Hutt-sized chortles, check out the Adventures of a Comic Con Girl Trade Paperback, in which avid con-goer Dana deals with both the Light and the Dark Side of the fandom...and herself. It's funny 'cause it's (sorta) true!

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