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Store Additions—February 21, 2014
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A double-barreled blast of action and fun for February!
When lupine marauders wreak havoc and distress on the local citizenry, help is at hand! A courageous, crimson-cloaked lass and her gutsy grandma co-pilot an ironclad, steam-powered tank-wagon to show those big, bad wolves what for in Steampunk Red Riding Hood by Rod Espinosa! Meanwhile, Britanny and a couple of new allies must travel into orbit (with Gina aiding from Earthside) to pursue the heir to Ex-Mortis, who's out to hijack Fortress Kia's systems for his own mad-science aims! Will he turn too much tech against them for them to turn the tide against him? Find out in Gold Digger #208 by Fred Perry!

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