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Store AdditionsóJune 13, 2014
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Friday the thirteenth is your lucky day this week. Instead of hard-to-kill maniacs in hockey masks here, we've got impossible-to-kill digital zombies bum-rushing hapless master spies!
When a desperate game developer needs some enemy code for his new super-spy shooter in a hurry, he decides to steal it from a Geo Neo cartridge he's found. Zilla and Dee Dee have to help Her Majesty's Secret Server before the zombies prove "You only live twice" means nothing! It's a program pogrom of pixels and polygons alike in 64-Bit Zombie, brought to you by Fred Perry and Zechary Gray!
Savor this 64-bit slaughter and everything else on the site at a thrilling 13% off for all of June 13 (U.S. Central Time)!

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