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Gold Digger Annual #20

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Blade Bunny Vol.2 #3

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Store Additions--May 20, 2016

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GD-ROM Version 3.0
No Image By:Fred Perry

Collects Gold Digger #1-105 and much more
TWENTY YEARS of comic book history on two easy-to-access DVDs!
Antarctic Press delivers EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of Gold Digger material Fred Perry has ever done to date, from the first miniseries to color issue #125, in one convenient, encyclopedic, two-DVD-ROM archive collector's set! That's every issue, COVER TO COVER--including all those wacky, vintage ads--all the Fred-drawn specials and short stories! If you've been wanting to get into GD but worried about catching up or facing gaps in your collection, this is just what you need! If you've been into GD but want your collection in a more portable, convenient format, this is for you too! And if you're just a huge fan of great humor, heart-warming and hilarity, this is definitely for you!

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