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Welcome to AP Online
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Welcome to the Antarctic Press Online site. A new modular web based system that will make it much easier and faster to discover everything about AP.

The data on this new site is very fresh and hasn't had the chance to become fully prioritized by the system. If the data was entered over a long period of time, the system would have the full knowledge of the data's priority. However, everything was entered in a really short period of time, so the new site has to undergo a learning process of what's 'hot' and what's 'not' at the store. Naturally you can help by browsing the store and buying stuff! :D

Having all of the data modular, sortable and searchable is an advantage to us and to our customers in our search to make finding everything easier than ever before. Right now, the search system is pretty basic, but eventually we'll teach it to make better guesses. You can access the search system now to look for items for sale at the AP "Shop" or you can click on one of the "virtual kiosks" if you already have a good idea of what you'd like to look at.

The site is also designed to help us present online comics and galleries. Again, this site is really young, so no one has had much time to post, but in a short time, the gallery in the "Creators" area and the online comic racks should fill up pretty quickly! You can also catch the previews of our latest releases in the "Previews" section.

It took a lot of effort to build this system. I hope it makes visiting and shopping at AP a lot easier. After all, my ultimate goal is to get as many of our comics into our customer's hands as possible!


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