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Gold Brick IV Pre-order Now Available!
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Gold Brick IV

...collecting issues 26-50 of the color series in a single, massive volume, will be available this December! As many GD fans already know, the series chronicles the adventures of Gina Diggers, her adopted were-cheetah sister Britanny Diggers, and their hybrid sister, the gun-crazy Brianna Diggers. This particular compilation makes it evident how fully formed Fred's vision was from the very beginning. Although the early chapters emphasized comedy, the tale quickly found its dramatic bearings. His remarkably accomplished drawing style goes hand in hand with his sweeping story. But be prepared, for even the most voracious reader will be hard-pressed to get through this engrossing, masterful tome in one sitting. Pre-order now, and you'll receive:
  • The enormous GD Gold Brick IV
  • A special edition dust jacket
  • Signed by Fred Perry
  • A commemorative A.P. Universe animation by Fred Perry!!

All that for only $49.95 postage-paid! (That's within the U.S. & its territories/military bases; shipping charges apply elsewhere.) The offer's good 'til November 30, so get a move-on!
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