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Pants--er...Pocket-Filling Fun This Week
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Sacre bleu! We just got in a major shipment today from north of the border! Three, count 'em, THREE spankin' new Pocket Manga to load up your pockets and fill up your reading time!

First up is Rod Espinosa's Chronicles of the Universe, the colossal stage-setter for his Jalto Shrept saga, which includes the incredible Battle Girlz. Chronicles tells several tales from the Manowar family, a.k.a. the Desperados, the last of the once-proud Darem race. Time and again they have saved the universe from those who would make the same power-hungry mistakes that led to the Darems' destruction. Most of the true threats are gone, but the Manowars remain vigilant--though they can still take time out for family fun.

Next is the eagerly awaited Gold Digger Pocket Manga Volume 6 from the man himself, Fred Perry! Gina gets mugged by a new, handsome competitor named Ryan and pursues him to an ancient spaceport, where they must work together to survive and escape. Then she, Ryan, Penny and Ace discover Chronospace, a dimension that allows access to all eras of time, and a sinister canine out to exploit it for his own nefarious ends!

Last but not least is the Pocket Manga edition of Ben Dunn's classic Mighty Tiny, a Miyazaki-style adventure of Rodent vs. Rodent. Mankind is long gone, but mice and rats have developed civilization--including war--in his absence. Now the two species have an uneasy truce, but a fanatical splinter group might just destroy everything by reviving the terrible weapons of ancient Man!

And if that's STILL not enough literary nirvana to sate your soul for the week, we've also got the week's comics!

First up is the Gold Digger Halloween Special, a delightfully spooky anthology of stories and pin-ups of your favorite GD characters from Fred Perry, Ben Dunn, Jessica Moffett, Rod Espinosa and more!

Then there's Oz: The Manga #4, by toning titan David Hutchison. Dorothy and friends reach the Emerald City at last and secure audiences with the Great Oz. But seeing the wizard and gaining his help are two vastly different things...

All right, enough staring at this text and drooling. Get yourself on over to the Online Store and get ta shoppin'!

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