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As many of you fans may know, 2006 is Gold Digger's 15th anniversary! To celebrate, we have a mother lode of exciting projects lined up! First up in January will be Gold Digger #71, part two of the gut-busting pirate-ninja leprechaun arc! Then a special anniversary treat: The first issue of Gold Digger Color Remix, a bold, new, FULL-COLOR, digitally remastered version of the original black-and-white miniseries, all with new covers and introductions by Fred Perry! Also in January will be Gold Digger Pocket Manga Vol. 7, collecting issues 27-31.
And if THAT's not enough, January also brings you the "Has Fred Gone Mad?" Original Artwork Gift Pack. This one's ONLY available through Diamond's Previews and/or your local comics retailer, so be sure to ask. Get two random pages of signed artwork, two signed Fred comics, and a certificate of authenticity. If you don't ask, though, you'll miss out!

Then Fred will be writing GD: Throne of Shadows, a spinoff miniseries starring the were-rat trio in a story that was too big to contain in the regular series! Fred will be doing this series with hand-picked artist Craig Babiar (I Hunt Monsters, Warrior Nun Areala).

All this will be leading up to Gold Digger Month in May, which kicks off with Gold Digger #75, the platinum issue, and keeps going with a slew of specialty items!

Additionally, next year, we'll be making a large portion of Fred's original art available for sale online again, just like it was in the previous version of the site!

Other things planned for the rest of the year include a super-secret miniseries (all other details of which are too hot to touch on just yet), along with another Halloween Special! More announcements and updates will come throughout the 2006, the Year of Gold Digger, so keep watching!

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