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Coming this June to a comics shop near you!

Gold Digger: Tangent #1
32 pages,FULL COLOR, $2.99 U.S., $4.05 Can.
Fred Perry’s online extravaganza is now collected in print for the first time! Once again, Fred proves that there’s just too much story in the GD-verse to contain in one series! Enjoy the tribulations of Ayane “Mistress” Anno, the gorgeous-but-frightening champion freestyle fighter, in her search to add a little cuteness to her life, and the ongoing adventures of the Northern Edge Guard as they face the problems accompanying new recruits, evil death-wabbits, and more!

GD: Perfect Memory #5
72 pages, FULL COLOR, $5.95 U.S., $6.75 Can.
A.P. presents the next installment in this best-selling, regularly sold-through series of indispensable guides for GD fans old and new--now in FULL COLOR!! This volume covers GD color issues 51-75, delving into the intricate plot of were-rat elder Gothwrain, the emerging mysteries of Gina’s ancient self, the devilish details of the pirate-ninja leprechauns, and so much more! Get D&D-style character bios & stats, plus in-depth explanations of magic and other elements that add so much depth to the GD-verse. Packed as always with DVD-style creator commentary, including loads of hilarious anecdotes and intriguing insights!

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